Backorders Status

We will update the status from time to time if there is any delay on the shipments. 


i) Kindly secure your backorders by making advance payment first in order to secure your slots. All backorders placed are strictly not cancellable/refundable.

ii) Please take note,sometimes we are not able to control any external factors on the shipment delayed as our product is manufactured outside Malaysia. In any cases, that our BO is cancelled, full cash refund/credit refund will be given.

iii) Due to our backorders are produced in different batches, do allow a discrepancy of around 20% for each batches in terms of color and measurements. 

If you have ordered multiple backorders in a single order, the order will be sent out once ALL BO items arrived.


PRODUCTS STATUS    [Updated at Jan 2020 ]
Dranda Manufacturing. ETA November 2020
Danerial Manufacturing. ETA November 2020
Dofuvisto Romper  Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Deraphina Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Dalarion Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Dojiagene Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Derington Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Doverziv Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Diuatume Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Debaszy  Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Doaiching Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dokatix Romper  Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dabriea Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Darenxiang Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dikaqa Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Duterxah Manufacturing. ETA June 2020 (DELAYED until September)
Dioxae Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Deomogen Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Davictoria Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Distava Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Dariency Manufacturing. ETA June 2020 (DELAYED until September)
Drynlis Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dafkiv Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dafuyou Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Deheidi Romper Manufacturing. ETA June 2020 (DELAYED until September)
Doniala Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Damiuzis Manufacturing. ETA June 2020 (DELAYED until September)
Dalaxie Manufacturing. ETA July 2020
Diokley Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Darietzi Manufacturing. ETA July 2020 
Danabela Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Dorsse Manufacturing. ETA June 2020
Dewulif Jumpsuit Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Derzoey Manufacturing. ETA May 2020
Damiae Manufacturing. ETA August 2020 (DELAYED until September)
Deriviah Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Demitayu Arrived. Mailed out single orders
Docazy Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Diuatume Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dolondyn  Manufacturing. ETA December 2019 (DELAYED until June)
Drynlis 4th Batch Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Debaszy Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dovar Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Darashlio Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Drynlis 3rd Batch Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Drynlis 2nd Batch Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Derzinus Skirt Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dirabelio Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Drojeph Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dvenie Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dersophia Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dasawyev Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dohunixaz Arrived. Mailed out single orders 
Dylony Arrived. Mailed out single orders