Kind Bundle

USD 293.30

*Limit to Malaysia customers only due to shipping restrictions
For hygiene purposes, all SELF LOVE packs are NOT RETURNABLE once packaging is open and all warranty is valid from one year from date of invoice. If there’s any fault do email us for verifications with your order number.

If you have purchased a SELF LOVE pack together with Doublewoot dress, it will be sent separately.

DW GIFTCARD RM100 and  Wireless LED Therapy Device (worth 709)

For limited time only, we are launching this Kind bundle to gift your girlfriends or reward yourself with our self love bundles in collaboration with brands we love!

This pack is in collaborations with Habo by Ogawa  and we have only 20 sets of this bundle to be sold at very special price of RM419 which contains RM100 giftcards and a  Wireless LED Therapy Device (worth 709)

Hurry Grab yours now!
*Limit to Malaysia customers only due to shipping restrictions 

- The Wireless Acne Light Therapy Device has been developed to be used as an at-home device for the treatment of moderating inflammatory acne on the facial area. 

- It was equipped with 24 nano blue light beads and 12 nano red light beads.

- The blue light can inhibit oil secretion, diminish inflammation and eliminate acne bacillus, thus cure acne and acne marks.

- In the meantime, the red light can accelerate blood circulation, enhance cell vitality, improve metabolism, promote the synthesis of collagen fiber and increase skin elasticity and luster. 

- Regularly using the Wireless Acne Light Therapy Device will effectively eliminate acne, tighten your skin and bring you clear, smooth and flawless face!  

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  • DW GIFTCARD RM100 and Wireless LED Therapy Device (worth 709)

    Kind Bundle