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Nivea Luminous 630 Anti Dark Spot Gold Serum 30ml

USD 68.00

//DOUBLEWOOT X NIVEA//Clear Dark Spot, Dark Spot Remover | Brightening, Whitening | Whitening Cream

NIVEA Luminous630 Anti Dark Spot Gold Serum 30ml - Targets at the root to reduce deep dark spots & fine lines in 4 weeks without harming skin in 3 dimensions.

The formula is effective, yet safe to restore SPOTLESS, YOUTHFUL & LUMINOUS skin. Luminous630 is a breakthrough innovation after 11 years of research, proven to reduce & lighten deep dark spots at the root in just 4 weeks. Combined with 2X Hyaluronic Acid and Anti-Oxidant, the powerful Luminous630 penetrates deeper to the skin to smoothen fine lines & deeply moisturize. Anti Dark Spot 

**For a limited time only, receive a RM50 DW Shopping voucher* with every purchase of Luminous 630 Antidark-spot Serum / Treatment Set (Terms & Conditions apply. Whille stock last.)

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