Silky Skin Pack

USD 454.30

This pack comes with Free gift of Travel bag, shower gel and Heating Eye Mask that perfect to relief tired eyes , WHILE STOCKS LASTS!!

*Limit to Malaysia customers only due to shipping restrictions
For hygiene purposes, all SELF LOVE packs are NOT RETURNABLE once packaging is open and all warranty is valid from one year from date of invoice. If there’s any fault do email us for verifications with your order number.

If you have purchased a SELF LOVE pack together with Doublewoot dress, it will be sent separately.

This package is for your complete Silky Skin Care at home

Contains 2 items - Automatic Foaming Cleansing Massager, IPL Hair Remover Device


- Mushu x Habo Automatic Foaming Cleansing Instrument

-  5 seconds rapid bubbling

-  Fine

- High elasticity

- Deep cleansing highly effective improve skin better protection

-  DOUBLE sonic pulsation

-  5 customized massage mode

-  Medical grade silica gel  0.5mm soft and gentle brush

- Different with foam give your face a spa-like experience


- The device is designed to help break the cycle of hair growth. 

- Light energy is transferred through the skin's surface and is absorbed by melanin present in the hair follicle.

- The absorbed light energy transform into heat and inhibits the growth and causes it to fall off. 

- With a skin tone sensor, misoperation is prevented and a suitable strength will be recommended based on each individual's condition.

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