WOOT Styles

Doublewoot's in-house labels are spotted on many local celebs such as Daphne Iking, Hannah Tan, Elaine Daly, Chelsia Ng, Joyce Wong, Michelle Ooi and more! Our in-house labels are crafted to perfection and designed to fit like a glove.

Daphne Iking and Elaine Daly in Dional a Doublewoot in house label

Elaine Daly (left) and Daphne Iking (middle) wearing Dional.
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Daphne Iking in Doublewoot Label

Daphne spotted wearing Delaney in TV9

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Daphne Iking in tv9

Daphne Iking in

Utusan Malaysia Daphne Iking

Daphne Iking spotted in Utusan Malaysia wearing Damiana.
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Daphne Iking in Dione Doublewoot Dress

Daphne Iking in The Star wearing DIone

Daphne Iking appearing in The Star Newspaper wearing Dione Dress.
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KinkyBlueFairy in Duenna by Doublewoot

Joyce Wong of KinkyBlueFairy styling Duenna by Doublewoot


Daphne in Verneigh Dress


Michelle Ooi in Danni Colorblock

Michelle Ooi of The Kins wearing Danni Dress

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Michelle Ooi in Daekin Dress

Michelle Ooi in Doublewoot In-House Label best Seller.

The Daekin Dress. Coming soon in NEW COLORS!

Michelle Ooi in Darla

Michelle Ooi and Daphne Iking in Darla Dress. Another best seller coming soon!

Daphne Iking in Delores

Daphne Iking in Delores Polka Dress. Spotted while interviewing Christina Perry
A best seller coming soon!

Elaine Daly

chelsia Ng

An upcoming desigh spotted on Chelsia Ng which is launching soon at Doublewoot!

Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan in Johnny Walker Black Circuit Launch in Penang!

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